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App That Help Parents Talk To Children About Bullying

KnowBullying is a new app for smartphones that helps parents start a conversation about bullying with their children. Carin Ponder was bullied growing up and doesn’t want the same fate for her twelve year old son.  READ MORE

Yik-Yak Strikes Again

Yik-Yak, the controversy app, is the star in a new incident that took place in Fayette County, Ohio. The app sparked police presence at Washington Court High School. READ MORE

Caught On Camera

A Mississippi mom has been suspicious for some time that her daughter, 13-year-old Destiny Hughes, was being bullied and abused in school by a fellow classmate. Her suspicion turned into reality when a cellphone video was uploaded, showing the 13-year-old student being brutally punched repeatedly by her peers inside Water Valley High School. READ MORE

Teen Develops Anti-Bullying App

One of the reasons bullying frequently goes unreported in schools is because victims and witnesses are afraid to approach an authority figure in fear of becoming a “snitch”. READ MORE

Selena Gomez Blasts Instagram Follower For “Absurd” Bullying Comment

Selena Gomez called out an Instagram follower for posting a mean comment on one of her photos. The user reportedly wrote that Gomez should “burn in hell with cancer.” In response, Gomez left a message on one of the users photos, took a screenshot of it and shared it with her 10.8 million followers. READ MORE

New App Blocked by School Officials for Creating a Cyberbullying Platform

A South Carolina school district has blocked a new app, called Yik Yak, from its servers in an attempt to lessen the cyberbullying epidemic. The app allows users to post anonymously in a chat room style format, which has led to bullying of students. READ MORE

Computer Software Helps Curb Bullying

A new computer software has been created to help kids learn how to deal with bullying. “Act Now” allows for children to replicate real-life situations that involve bullying. READ MORE

Texting Option Added To Bullying Hotline

After introducing the anti-bullying voice line two years ago, Boston Public Schools has added a text-message feature for bullied victims. The text-message feature is an added component to encourage students to feel comfortable reporting their problems to people who can help. READ MORE

Blackboard’s New Anti-Bullying Texting Technology

The latest technology to beat bullying has been introduced by Blackboard. This education technology has offered a new program, TipTxt, to schools for free as a confidential way that students can alert school officials of bullying through sending a text message. The system sends an automated response to the text message that says the issue is being looked into and alerts the official who is monitoring the text feed. The official has the opportunity to text back to try to gain more information from the sender or to reassure them that the situation will be taken care of. READ MORE