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Rumer Willis’ Advice On Bullying

As a bullied child herself, Rumer Willis, is revisiting her painful past and asking others to take action and stop it. Willis described coming face-to-face with her struggle in a recent Glamour magazine interview. READ MORE

The Dark Side of Sibling Rivalries

A study made by the university of Oxford. Suggests that children who are bullied regularly by a sibling are more likely to suffer from depression when they’re older. READ MORE

One In Five Workers Has Left Their Job Because Of Bullying

One third of people report being bulled at his or her job, and 20 % of people actually leave their job because of bullying. Those who were bulled say that they were constantly accused of making mistakes, deliberately excluded, and attacked for personal characteristics. READ MORE

Students Are Now Empowered By New Online Service To Report Bullies

Belton Middle School in Kansas City has introduced a new way to expose bullies with discretion, and from the comfort of your own home. The service is called Sprigeo, and the institution believes they can reduce the amount of bullies in the school by using it, since it meets students on their own digital turf. READ MORE

Resolve Bullying In 2014

With the New Year upon us, it’s time to make some resolutions. Instead to promising you’ll hit the gym more and stop going in 2 weeks, make one of the following anti-bullying resolutions. You will not only have a better 2014, but you’ll be helping the children in your life as well. READ MORE

Ask Amy Poehler About Bullying

Amy Poehler posts “Ask Amy” YouTube videos in which she answers fan questions.  One fan wrote into “Ask Amy” wondering what to do about a bully who was making fun of her dance skills in ballet class and making up mean songs about her dance skills.  READ MORE

Facebook Attempts to Stop Bullying

Facebook is a social media platform where many teens face the harsh words of bullying.  This platform allows users to freely write whatever they want which often includes bullying.  However, Facebook is working with child psychologist Marc Brackett to find a solution to this problem.  Brackett has started a program for teenagers 13 to 14 years old.  If they see a post that is offensive, rude, or anything considered bullying they will be able to report it.  READ MORE

Bullying between Siblings

Fighting between siblings is often overlooked and considered somewhat of a norm.  However, new research shows that the effects of bullying between siblings can cause psychological harm, just as much harm as being bullied in school.  It was found that children and adolescents had more anxiety, depression, and anger if they were attacked, threatened, or intimidated by their sibling.  READ MORE

The Long Term Effects of Bullying

Bullying has only recently come into the national spotlight so not many studies on the long-term effects of bullying have been completed. However, the few that have agree that bullying has consequences that last well into adulthood. They’re not just a “typical part of growing up,” (Pappas) as many people have thought. Kids who are involved with bullying have significantly worse mental health as adults.  READ MORE