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Online Troll Urges Game Developer Rachel Bryk To Commit Suicide

Up-and-coming game developer, 23-yearo-old, Rachel Bryk took her own life following months of anonymous cyberbullying. Bryk had to deal with chronic pain and low self-esteem on top of braving trans-phobic harassment for being a transgender woman. READ MORE

Parents Of Bardstown Girl Seek Change In Bullying Laws After Suicide

Reagan Carter, 12-years-old, died just days before Christmas after drinking so much cough syrup it caused cardiac arrest. The Carter’s Christmas tree is still in place with all of Reagan’s unopened presents underneath it. Her mother, Melanie Hack, said, “I would never wish it on any parent. But God knows I didn’t want it on mine. I tried so hard to make sure she knew how to take up for others that I don’t think she knew how to take up of herself.”  READ MORE

Parents Say Bullying Drove Daughter To Suicide

Seventh grader, Reagan Hack, committed suicide just days before Christmas and her parents believe it’s due to bullying. Reagan ingested a bottle of pills causing her to collapse and die a few days after. READ MORE

Friends, Family Reflect On 12-Year-Old Bullying Victim’s Life, 1 Month After Death

Green balloons could be seen floating above Russell Ranch Elementary School to honor 12-year-old Ronin Shimizu, who took his own life a month ago.  Friends and family believe that Ronin committed suicide because he was being bullied when he joined the Folsom Middle School cheerleading squad. READ MORE

Dad Thinks Racial Bullying Spur Girl’s Suicide

Fairfield Township is in morning after seventh-grader, Emilie Grace Olsen, fatally shot herself and now her father, Marc Olsen, is looking for answers.  Mr. Olsen claims that his daughter’s suicide is due to her being racially bullied. READ MORE

Bullying Claims Another Victim, This Time In Muskegon County, MI

Michigan State Police issued a statement asking for help finding Heidi Horn. A news conference was called a few hours later, but was canceled after the 15 year-old had been found dead. READ MORE

Lamar Hawkins Article Follow-Up

Lamar Hawkins III had been bullied for some time now before taking his own life on September 14. The local police say they never received any reports of Lamar being bullied at any point in time. READ MORE

Family: Boy Who Committed Suicide Was ‘Repeatedly Attacked’ By Bullies

A 14-year-old boy, Lamar Hawkins III committed suicide because of ongoing bullying. The mother of the boy said her family moved from New York to Florida because of bullying, but it continued at his new school. READ MORE

Seminole Teen’s Family Speaks On Son’s Death, Bullying At Greenwood Lakes

Tragic ending in Greenwood Lakes after 14-year-old Lamar Hawkins took his own life after having to deal with constant bullying. READ MORE