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Rumer Willis’ Advice On Bullying

As a bullied child herself, Rumer Willis, is revisiting her painful past and asking others to take action and stop it. Willis described coming face-to-face with her struggle in a recent Glamour magazine interview. READ MORE

Girl Battles Back From Bullying To Master The Mat

Claire Teitgan, 12-years-old, was almost pushed to the point of no return caused by relentless bullying, until she found her way back with mixed-martial arts. Claire has been the victim of bullying since first grade, but it wasn’t until last year that the effects were taking a toll. READ MORE

Basketball Team Call Timeout To Confront Kids Bullying Cheerleader With Down Syndrome

Desiree Andrews is a cheerleader on the Lady Knights Squad at the Lincoln Middle School in Wisconsin who has Down syndrome. During a recent basketball game, some fans in the bleachers began to bully her. READ MORE

Bill Cracking Down On Bullying Approved

Senator Jacob Candelaria sponsored the Carlos Vigil Memorial Act in an effort to “cultivate a statewide culture where bullying is not accepted.” The bill in named after 17-year-old Carlos Vigil who took his own life because of the vicious bullying he endured. READ MORE

Lafayette Teen In NY Fashion Week Anti-Bullying Campaign

Comeaux High School’s 16-year-old, Sydney Trim, is taking a message with her as she walks as a model in Couture Fashion Week New York. Couture Fashion Week’s producer and designer, Andrew Aquino, partnered with Champions Against Bullying to present her special “Blue Rose” collection. READ MORE

Florida One Of The Best States At Controlling Bullying

Florida was named 10th out of 42 states and the District of Columbia for controlling bullying in schools, based of a recent study by Wallet Hub. Wallet Hub looked to find the top ten best and worst states at controlling bullying for the study.  READ MORE

Petition Challenges School To Strengthen Bullying Policy

An online movement against bullying started after the death of a local Pleasant Hill, Iowa teen from 2013. AJ Betts was targeted by bullies for being gay and biracial. “I’m thankful to have these memories, but it’s also sadness that I don’t have him to share my new memories with him,” said Sheyl Moore, AJ Betts mother.  READ MORE

Former Victim Donates To Anti-Bullying Program

The founder of the Wen hair-care products brand, stylist Chaz Dean, has donated $500,000 to the Love is Louder campaign. Love is Louder is a New York-based group that helps prevent suicide among college students and promotes emotional well-being.  READ MORE

Concerts Deliver Anti-Bullying Message

Dillon Smith, Houston native, directed an anti-bullying conversation using music. The National Center for Education Statistics and Bureaus of Justice Statistics stated that 28% of students nationwide in grades 6 -12 experience bullying.  READ MORE