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Lafayette Teen In NY Fashion Week Anti-Bullying Campaign

Comeaux High School’s 16-year-old, Sydney Trim, is taking a message with her as she walks as a model in Couture Fashion Week New York. Couture Fashion Week’s producer and designer, Andrew Aquino, partnered with Champions Against Bullying to present her special “Blue Rose” collection. READ MORE

Petition Challenges School To Strengthen Bullying Policy

An online movement against bullying started after the death of a local Pleasant Hill, Iowa teen from 2013. AJ Betts was targeted by bullies for being gay and biracial. “I’m thankful to have these memories, but it’s also sadness that I don’t have him to share my new memories with him,” said Sheyl Moore, AJ Betts mother.  READ MORE

Jazz Takes A Stand Against Bullying

The Utah Jazz is teaming up with Desert News’ Newspaper to bring their anti-bullying message to more than 400,000 local youth and families. They will be printing a special section titled “Take a Stand Against Bullying” that will be distribute to about 300 local schools on January 27thREAD MORE

Devastating Twist In Powerful Anti-Bullying PSA

A new 31-second anti-bullying PSA is delivering a simple statement: Be nice. Now.  The non-profit group Champions Against Bullying and advertising agency Deutsch New York conveyed a loving and tragic message. READ MORE

Socastee Students Take A Stand Against Bullying

Socastee High School students are taking a stand after the recent arrest of eight students accused of bullying a younger special needs student. Students asked everyone to wear purple, the color for anti-bullying, to the basketball game this week. READ MORE

Abercombie & Fitch Sells New Anti-Bullying T-Shirts

After being under attack for contributing to body image issues amongst teens, Abercrombie has launched anti-bullying t-shirts as part of their new ‘Are You An Ally?” line. READ MORE

Ubisoft Teams Up With Stomp Out Bullying

First it was Marvel teaming up with Stomp Out Against Bullying, using comic books and heroes in order to raise awareness about bullying and creating a campaign to prevent it. READ MORE

New Anti-Bullying Effort Pulls Bill Mack Out Of Retirement

Bill Mack is now the head of the School Safety and Technical Assistance Center in Minnesota. After having worked hard for 30 years on the effects harassment and abuse can have on children, he decided to retire. But this project attracted his attention and made him reverse his decision on stepping down. READ MORE

KORN Wants Fan Bullying Stories For ‘Hater’ Video

The band KORN is in the process of making a music video for their new song “Hater”, and are interested in involving their fans. READ MORE