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Rise Comic Wants To Shine A Light On Bullying

An all-star cast of comic professionals, GLAAD, Prism Comics, Stand for the Silent, and Northwest Press unite to help stop bullying. The goal is to help raise money and spread awareness, as well as using the comic book as an outlet and a way to let kids know they are not alone. READ MORE

Marvel “Adds” Bullies To Their List Of Villains

As of the month of October, Marvel is going to team up with one of the best-known organizations against bullying and cyber bullying in the United States (STOMP Out Bullying) in the United States in order to raise awareness and increase efforts in order to prevent and rid America of bullies. READ MORE

Singer Backs Anti-Bullying Campaign

In the land down under, singer Tayla Alexander, 13, already has a top 10 album mixed, mastered, and released. The young girl was forced to attend four different primary schools because of bullying, but has now teamed up with a nationwide campaign called Beef With Bullies. READ MORE

Teen Vocal Duo Wows Crowd With Anti-Bullying Rap

Two teenage boys competing on the Britain’s Got Talent TV show impressed the judges and the crowd with their anti-bullying sentiments. The teens wrote their own anti-bullying lyrics to the song “Hope”, which was originally done by Faith Evans and Twista. READ MORE

Wicked” Wants Storyline to Support Anti-Bullying Efforts Made by BullBust

“Wicked,” the Broadway hit that has been a fan favorite for years, is using its storyline to highlight the issue of bullying in our society, specifically in the school system. READ MORE

Actor From “The Wire” Working on Bullying Prevention

Tray Chaney, known for playing the character Poot from “The Wire”, recently released a song and music Video called “Mike Bully”.  The song is about a student who stands up against bullying and has been growing in popularity among students as well as school administrators.  READ MORE

You Are Not Alone!

A new light is being shed on anti-bullying in the form of a comic on kickstarter.com The over two hundred page tales of bullying called You Are Not Alone has been created from personal stories in hopes to help people suffering from the abuse survive the bullying and be able to stand against it.


Artwork Against Bullying

Stephanie Varela of  Los Angeles is a young talented artist and uses her gifts to bring issues to the forefront.  Stephanie says “There’s stories, there’s news, there’s more of it going on. And now I know people. It just makes me want to do something about it.”  Her message and her artwork are getting noticed.