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Bill Cracking Down On Bullying Approved

Senator Jacob Candelaria sponsored the Carlos Vigil Memorial Act in an effort to “cultivate a statewide culture where bullying is not accepted.” The bill in named after 17-year-old Carlos Vigil who took his own life because of the vicious bullying he endured. READ MORE

Children’s e-Safety

Australia’s Federal Government has decided the next step in the mission to stop the bullying epidemic across the nation. The commissioner will target online bullying, with powers to fine social media websites and apps, forcing offending posts to be taken down. READ MORE

Brentwood Council’s New Ordinance Prohibits Bullying

In Allegheny County, a new ordinance passed banning bullying and holding parents responsible for their children’s actions. Any harassment that intimidates, emotionally abuses, defames or threatens another person is defined as bullying in the new ordinance. READ MORE

Rancho Santa Margarita May Be First In State to Outlaw Bullying

A strict law is being proposed by Mayor Pro Tem Brad McGirr to protect children from bullying outside of school. In this case, Rancho Santa Margarita would be the first city in California to outlaw bullying. READ MORE

City in California Moves to Outlaw Bullying with New Ordinance

The mayor of Carson, California along with the city council is striving to create a “bully-free” city through a new ordinance. The ordinance will make various types of bullying, not including cyber-bullying, a misdemeanor for kindergarten through 25-year-olds. READ MORE

Bill for Anti-Bullying May Hit Dead End in Iowa

A bill proposing new anti-bullying tactics in the school system in expected to be dismissed by the Senate in Iowa. The new bill, known as Senate File 2318, is being rejected mainly for two revisions made after it was approved previously by the Senate. READ MORE

Court Ruling Opens Doors for Schools to Sue Students Who Bully

A New Jersey school district is being allowed the right to file a suit against students who harass or bully their peers. A Superior Court judge has ruled in the school district’s favor, meaning that parents may be legally responsible for their children’s bullying or harassing behavior. READ MORE

Bill for Anti-Cyber Bullying Laws in Kentucky Shut Down by House Committee

With 2 votes shy of passing, the House Bill 473, which would establish plans to address cyberbullying in Kentucky schools, has been rejected. The Bill was aimed to deal with the advancements in technology and how it affects cyberbullying in schools, with tools and training to combat the issues. READ MORE

Maryland State Department of Education Taking Consequences for Cyber-Bullying Seriously

The Maryland State Department of Education is adapting its rules and regulations to reflect modern technology and the growing issue of cyber-bullying within schools. READ MORE