Back Off Bullies

A group of high school students have developed a new Android game with the objective of raising awareness about bullying and hopefully prevent any future incidents. They hope to do so by empowering kids to stand up against their perpetrators and do something about it. read more


Popular Anti-Bullying Measure May Not Be As Effective

Schools everywhere have been pulling their weight in the mission to stop bullying across the country. There are some methods that are widely known and are used to deal with certain situations where bullying is an issue. read more


Bullying Claims Another Victim, This Time In Muskegon County, MI

Michigan State Police issued a statement asking for help finding Heidi Horn. A news conference was called a few hours later, but was canceled after the 15 year-old had been found dead. read more


Rise Comic Wants To Shine A Light On Bullying

An all-star cast of comic professionals, GLAAD, Prism Comics, Stand for the Silent, and Northwest Press unite to help stop bullying. The goal is to help raise money and spread awareness, as well as using the comic book as an outlet and a way to let kids know they are not alone. read more


Empowering Students Against Bullying

Dariana Dogan made a difference in one of her classmate’s days by standing up to her bullies. The hero noticed some older kids bothering one of her classmates last year, so she stood up to them and told them to knock it off. read more


10-Year-Old Ohio Kid Bullied After Cutting Hair For Charity

Jetta Fosburg, decided by that she wanted to do something good for others and went ahead to cut 14 inches of her long, blonde hair off to donate to Wigs for Kids. The charity focuses on helping children with cancer and other hair loss issues. read more


Sayreville High School Bullying Nightmare

High school bullying horror stories seem to keep getting worse as the years go by. This is a prime example of the horrific situations teenagers make each other go through to “be part of” or have a sense of belonging within a group. read more


Abercombie & Fitch Sells New Anti-Bullying T-Shirts

After being under attack for contributing to body image issues amongst teens, Abercrombie has launched anti-bullying t-shirts as part of their new ‘Are You An Ally?” line. read more


Ubisoft Teams Up With Stomp Out Bullying

First it was Marvel teaming up with Stomp Out Against Bullying, using comic books and heroes in order to raise awareness about bullying and creating a campaign to prevent it. read more


New Anti-Bullying Effort Pulls Bill Mack Out Of Retirement

Bill Mack is now the head of the School Safety and Technical Assistance Center in Minnesota. After having worked hard for 30 years on the effects harassment and abuse can have on children, he decided to retire. But this project attracted his attention and made him reverse his decision on stepping down. read more

Watch This…Right Now!

This video is a serious example of the virus Cyber Bullying and it’s disease like effects. The cure for the virus is found in those who stand up against it!

Watch This…Right Now!

In honor of International Anti-Bullying Day, two schools came together to create a message about acceptance with a flash mob performance.

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Video Of The Week

Video about a middle school football team who took a fledgling player under their wing and executed what may be the most successful play of all time.

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