Socastee Students Take A Stand Against Bullying

Socastee High School students are taking a stand after the recent arrest of eight students accused of bullying a younger special needs student. Students asked everyone to wear purple, the color for anti-bullying, to the basketball game this week. read more


Reported Bullying, Violence Incidents Decline Again In NJ Schools

A recently released state report shows that New Jersey schools saw a decline across the board in bullying, violence and weapons incidents during the 2013-14 school year.  The Violence, Vandalism and Substance Abuse in the School Report shows there were 19,167 total incidents in the five major categories. This represents an amazing 9% decrease from last year. read more


The Weight of Bullying

There is one case of bullying that is rarely discussed in today’s wide-ranging causes for psychological trauma cause by bullying. Rebecca Puhl is focused on developing policy strategies to help children who are bullied because of their weight. read more


Children’s e-Safety

Australia’s Federal Government has decided the next step in the mission to stop the bullying epidemic across the nation. The commissioner will target online bullying, with powers to fine social media websites and apps, forcing offending posts to be taken down. read more


Bullying the Bullies

RacistsGettingFired.tumblr.com is a website, that induced a number of photos and screenshots of comments posted by people in response to the Michael Brown case that has been which has been on the spotlight for quite some time now. The ultimate goal of this website is to track down outspoken racists posts, and then upload their hate speech to their employers’ social media, looking for discipline. read more


The Power of Empathy

All too often, bullied children will not speak out about what is happening to them. Some will sink into depression. Others will skip school. And in some cases, when it all gets to be too much, some will take their own lives and end in tragedy. read more


From The Playground To The Internet

Charleston psychologist Dr. David Clayman shared his views on cyber bullying and how it’s evolving from happening in the playground and around school premises, to the Internet, where children are constantly connected and exposed to the dangers of bullying. read more


New Anti-Bullying Programs In Local Schools

The shooting incident that took place on October 24th and a recent increase in teenage harassment has the United Way encouraging schools to bolster their anti-bullying programs in area high schools. read more


Mother Says That Bullying Led To 16-Year-Old Son’s Murder

Brenden Wilson, 16-years-old, was gunned down in his hometown of Woodbridge, VA. The murder is believed to have been drug related. read more


Yik-Yak Strikes Again

Yik-Yak, the controversy app, is the star in a new incident that took place in Fayette County, Ohio. The app sparked police presence at Washington Court High School. read more

Watch This…Right Now!

This video is a serious example of the virus Cyber Bullying and it’s disease like effects. The cure for the virus is found in those who stand up against it!

Watch This…Right Now!

In honor of International Anti-Bullying Day, two schools came together to create a message about acceptance with a flash mob performance.

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Video Of The Week

Video about a middle school football team who took a fledgling player under their wing and executed what may be the most successful play of all time.

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