Father Of Accused Bullies Fired From Job

A man from Minnesota, Deron Puro, has been fired from his job after his two teenagers were accused of bullying. Brad Knudson filmed himself discussing the bullying his 14-year-old African American daughter, Dee was experiencing on SnapChat and uploaded the video to YouTube. The video was uploaded last week and has already been viewed more than 4 million times.   read more


Parents Of Bardstown Girl Seek Change In Bullying Laws After Suicide

Reagan Carter, 12-years-old, died just days before Christmas after drinking so much cough syrup it caused cardiac arrest. The Carter’s Christmas tree is still in place with all of Reagan’s unopened presents underneath it. Her mother, Melanie Hack, said, “I would never wish it on any parent. But God knows I didn’t want it on mine. I tried so hard to make sure she knew how to take up for others that I don’t think she knew how to take up of herself.”  read more


Jazz Takes A Stand Against Bullying

The Utah Jazz is teaming up with Desert News’ Newspaper to bring their anti-bullying message to more than 400,000 local youth and families. They will be printing a special section titled “Take a Stand Against Bullying” that will be distribute to about 300 local schools on January 27thread more


Devastating Twist In Powerful Anti-Bullying PSA

A new 31-second anti-bullying PSA is delivering a simple statement: Be nice. Now.  The non-profit group Champions Against Bullying and advertising agency Deutsch New York conveyed a loving and tragic message. read more


Russell Brand Defends Bruce Jenner Amid Sex Change Reports: ‘Stop Bullying’

The 39-year-old comedian, Russell Brand recently stood up for reality star and former Olympian, Bruce Jenner. Jenner was featured on the cover of InTouch magazine photoshopped with lipstick and blush on his face and a title reading ‘ My Life As a Woman.’ read more


Bullying Incident Investigated At Osakis High School

An incident at Osakis High School is under investigation after a photo of a 15-year-old student being bullied went viral. The image shows the boy sitting on the floor with his hands bound behind hem and his hoodie tightly tied around his neck. read more


Harlem Globetrotters Advocate For Bullying Prevention

Some lucky students at Cesar E. Chavez Elementary School will be learning the ABC’s of Bullying Prevention from the Harlem Globetrotters. The program hopes to empower today’s youth to take Action, be Brave and show Compassion. read more


Kim Kardashian Request Fans To “Stop Bullying” Her On Social Media

Kim Kardashian got ready to ring in the New Year by making a request to her social media followers. Kim tweeted the following message, “Hope everyone has a safe & Happy New Year! Cheers 2 less negativity & NO mean comments on social media. Positivity in the new year! STOPBULLYING” read more


Parents Say Bullying Drove Daughter To Suicide

Seventh grader, Reagan Hack, committed suicide just days before Christmas and her parents believe it’s due to bullying. Reagan ingested a bottle of pills causing her to collapse and die a few days after. read more


Friends, Family Reflect On 12-Year-Old Bullying Victim’s Life, 1 Month After Death

Green balloons could be seen floating above Russell Ranch Elementary School to honor 12-year-old Ronin Shimizu, who took his own life a month ago.  Friends and family believe that Ronin committed suicide because he was being bullied when he joined the Folsom Middle School cheerleading squad. read more

Watch This…Right Now!

This video is a serious example of the virus Cyber Bullying and it’s disease like effects. The cure for the virus is found in those who stand up against it!

Watch This…Right Now!

In honor of International Anti-Bullying Day, two schools came together to create a message about acceptance with a flash mob performance.

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Video about a middle school football team who took a fledgling player under their wing and executed what may be the most successful play of all time.

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