Man in Ohio Forced to Hold Sign Publicly as Part of Bullying Sentence

Edmond Aviv, 62, spent 5 hours of his weekend on a street corner displaying a sign declaring that he was a bully. Aviv’s sign holding was the result of the judge’s sentencing to a charge of misdemeanor disorderly conduct from a 15-year dispute with his neighbor. read more


Music Spreads Anti-Bullying Message Through Teen Nation Tour

The Teen Nation Tour put on a concert for over 500 students at Cedar Spring Middle School in order to promote anti-bullying messages and awareness. The theme of the tour is “Stand and Defend Against Bullying” and featured multiple artists covering popular songs in the pop and R&B genres. read more

Male Cheerleader Forced to Quit, Change Schools Over ‘Gay’ Bullying

Bullies relentlessly tortured 13-year-old male cheerleader, which forced him to quit and leave school.  Known as BB, he told reporters that he has been bullied everywhere from cafeteria to the hallways and even at the gym when he would practice his routines. His mother has hired attorney, Ted Gordon, who specializes in anti-bullying cases. read more


Survey Reveals that Bullying is Rampant in the Workplace

According to a 2014 nation survey by the Workplace Bullying Institute, over 65 million workers have been affected by bullying in the workplace. Nearly 27 percent of U.S. workers either currently experiencing bullying or have in the past. In addition to this statistic, research also shows that employers are lacking action to address such issues. read more


Anti-bullying Campaign in California Schools Promotes Positivity

Nine high schools in California are participating in a week-long campaign to prevent bullying and spread positivity among students. The campaign, called “Post-A-Smile,” involves students anonymously writing positive, upbeat notes and compliments on Post-It notes stuck in different areas throughout the schools. read more


Investigation Shows More than Bullying to Blame in Girl’s Suicide

The investigation of 12-year-old Rebecca Sedwick’s  tragic suicide in 2013, which had been previously believed to be caused solely by bullying, is now being revisited for other potential causes. Sedwick committed suicide in September after she was allegedly harassed and cyberbullied by classmates with cruel messages. read more


Parents Encouraged to Take Initiative to Prevent Cyberbullying

While cyberbullying is becoming more prevalent in schools across the country, parents are often encouraged to take action to prevent issues from affecting their children. Some hints parents can execute are as simple as keeping the computer in a visible place where parents can monitor the activity. read more


Bullying Rate and Popularity Show Correlation

Often when victims of bullying come to mind, people envision a social outcast, someone who doesn’t fit in with the crowd, or even someone with a different sexual orientation. According to research published in the American Sociological Review April edition, popular kids are in fact sometimes more prone to be bullied in school. read more


Elementary and Middle Schools Criticized for Ineffective Anti-Bullying Programs

A study published in the Annual Review of Psychology analyzed students in six countries in the grades K-12 and found some short-comings in U.S. school systems and anti-bullying programs. Jaana Juvonen, lead author of the publication, compared the programs in place to combat bullying as “Band-Aid solutions.” read more


“Hair-Bullying” Becoming a Problem in the School System

While bullying in schools has gained more national attention recently, another form of bullying is becoming more prominent. “Hair-bullying” is when students are picked on or teased for their hair style and it is becoming a problem in schools for both the victims and school officials. read more

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