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Right Now is proud to announce Becca Levy as the National Spokesperson

Washington, DC, 16-year-old Becca Levy is a rising star in the world of music. In the past year she has recorded and worked with some of Americas most talented producers, filmed five music videos, received thousands of hits on her websites, been featured on NBC TV and on the radio, appeared in over sixty newspapers nationwide, and has performed dozens of times for thousands of people. With that kind of resume you would assume that all that is on Becca’s mind is her rapidly advancing career.

Nope. Becca has her sights set on a more ambitious target. She wants to end teenage bullying in America.

“This is a cause I truly believe in. School and Internet bullying are a national epidemic and the people dying are my age. I hope to use music to bring attention to this important issue.” Says Becca.

This seems like a daunting task for someone who is about to become a high school junior. But Becca is determined to educate people about the horrific toll that bullying exacts on today’s youth.

“Did you know that every seven minutes a child is bullied? Were you aware that over four thousand suicides are linked to bullying each year? When I learned this, I realized that this was an issue I wanted to take a stand against–and the best way was through my music. It’s a language that all young people speak.”

Becca knows the road will be a difficult one. And she is inviting every other musician in the country to join her in this fight. Any band or performer can help by submitting their music to be placed on the Right Now website.

“I know I will make a difference. But I also know I need help.”

You can learn more about Becca Levy and hear her music at www.beccalevy.com.

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