About Right Now

We all know that bullying is a national tragedy. Every day in countless ways young Americans are being teased and threatened.

Something has to be done…today.

The Right Now Anti-Bullying Campaign is both a one of a kind and first of its kind concept. We use social media sites, the Internet and most importantly, music as our vehicles for change.

Music is a universal language that can make you laugh, cry and act. So why not utilize this powerful tool as a way to stop bullying in its tracks?

Right Now was created to deliver a message to three different groups of people.

1-The young people who bully other kids need to understand that their behavior is simply not acceptable.

2-The kids who are being bullied should know they are NOT alone and that it WILL get better.

3-The parents, principals, and politicians who need to do more to stop this national crisis.

We invite musicians from across the country to use their time and talents to help spread our message of optimism and inspiration to young people affected by bullying.

Never before have up and coming musicians been given the opportunity to make a difference in the fight against bullying.

These gifted kids are donating their time, talent, and songs to make a difference. They are using music to create positive change in their hometowns and across America.

When music fans visit this website and the corresponding social network pages, they will have access to our collection of music from talented young artists. But more importantly they will see numerous bullying prevention posters, videos, and text.

Together we can put an end to bullying…Right Now!

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